Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there’s lots of skincare goodness to take in when it comes to our products so it is to be expected that you’ll have some further questions! Refer to our list of comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below or contact if any of your questions have not been answered.

About Our Silicone Wrinkle Patch Range

What are your Silicone Patches made out of?

Our Wrinkle Patches are made out of 100% Medical Grade Silicone – and it’s this pure Medical Grade Silicone that delivers exceptional results overnight!

What adhesive is used to keep the Silicone Patches in place?

The adhesive is 100% Medical Grade Silicone, making our Patches hypoallergenic. No latex, no parabens, no nasties!

How do your Silicone Patches work?

When you apply our Silicone Patches to the skin, your skin is unable to crease or wrinkle while you sleep or while worn during the day. The Patches are kept in place – comfortably and securely – using the gentle adhesive silicone, keeping the skin taut so that no new wrinkles or lines can form overnight. Additionally, Medical Grade Silicone is proven to create hydration and moisture while bringing blood flow to the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen.

Who can use your Silicone Patches?

Both men and women who want to correct or prevent signs of ageing or wrinkles on their décolletage, eyes, neck, forehead, mouth, or hands! Our products are also suitable for pregnant women and individuals who would like to de-wrinkle pre-event e.g. that big wedding or party you’ve been looking forward to!

If I wear the Silicone Patches at night, what does this mean for my usual skincare routine?

Although it is advised that you wear your Silicone Patches on clean, dry, product-free skin, this does not mean that you have to completely change your established skincare routine! Simply make our Wrinkle Patches apart of your night-time beauty regime and continue with your usual skincare during the day. If you are using products like Vitamin A in the evenings, then just interchange and use our Silicone Patches some nights and your usual skincare other evenings. Even try this for a month and once you see the visible difference on your skin, you will no longer be concerned about forgoing your usual skincare routine!

Silicone Wrinkle Patch Customer Care

How many uses can I get out of my Silicone Patches?

Each set of Wrinkles Schminkles Patches contains enough product to give you 20-30 uses per pack, depending on your skin type. It is important to note that it is 20-30 uses per pack rather than 20-30 uses per Silicone Patch, as the facial Silicone Patches are a thinner formulation than the Chest and Neck. If you find you are getting slightly less uses, it will depend on your skin type and how you care for the Silicone Patches in between uses (storing and cleaning).

How often should I be using my Silicone Patches?

Like all skincare, the more you use our Silicone Patches, the better the results you will get, especially given you will prevent the skin from further creasing and wrinkles forming. However, deciding how frequently you would like to use your Silicone Patches is entirely up to you! For example, some of our customers like to use our Patches just the night before a special event e.g. wedding, parties, and get more uses out of their Wrinkle Patch set, whereas others like to use their Silicone Patches every night in order to treat existing wrinkles plus prevent new ones from forming. Many makeup artists like using our Patches to prep the skin before makeup application. For example, our Eye Wrinkle Patches can be used to prep the skin for 20 minutes before applying makeup. It is up to the customer how often they would like to use the Patches, but prolonged use of the Patches will ultimately result in the best possible wrinkle-free outcome!

Can I wash my Silicone Patches with an antibacterial soap or other detergent?

No other soaps except our specially formulated Silicone Patch Cleanser should be used to clean the Silicone. Our Silicone Patch Cleanser removes any traces of products/perfumes/skincare without breaking down the adhesive of your Silicone Patches.

Why are my Silicone Patches not sticking?

Firstly, make sure that you have removed and peeled off the plastic film sheet that is attached to all of our Silicone Patches. This will be the ‘scratchy’ side of your Silicone Patch and can be hard to detect as it is cut perfectly aligned to the patch itself. Also, make sure that your skin is free of moisturisers, serums and creams before you apply our Silicone Patches to the skin as they can interfere with the adhesive. If you have worn your Silicone Patches a number of times and they begin to lose their stick, it may be time to replace them and start a new pack.

My Silicone Patches are too big and won’t fit my desired area of use. What do I do?

As everybody’s face shapes can be very different, it can be difficult to create a ‘one-size fits all’ Silicone Patch! Instead we have created a ‘one-size fits most’, and as instructed on the back of the packaging you can then trim the edges of your Silicone Patch with sharp scissors to design the perfect shape for your area of application.

Silicone Wrinkle Patch Results

How long until I will start to see results?

Most of our customers report seeing a result after the very first nights use! This is because the skin has not been allowed to crease or wrinkle. You will also get better results over time, as the healing properties of the Medical Grade Silicone will create hydration and moisture, increase blood flow and can stimulate collagen.

How long does the wrinkle-relieving effect last?

Our Silicone Patches work in 3 main ways:
1. They keep the skin taut so it can’t crease or wrinkle
2. They create a microclimate between the skin and the product by drawing hydration and moisture from the deeper layer of the skin up though the epidermis (this is the exact way that Medical Grade Silicone works to heal scars)
3. They stimulate blood flow and collagen production. Therefore, there is an immediate effect of the Silicone Patches from the very first night you use them as the skin has not been able to wrinkle! Then, because of the hydration and collagen production you will enjoy cumulative results overtime. As you use them more frequently and enable the healing properties of the Medical Grade Silicone to treat the skin as it’s proven to do – they create hydration and moisture in a microclimate while stimulating collagen.

How long should I wear the Silicone Patches for during the day in order to start seeing results?

This will be different for different skin types. We have makeup artists who use our Eye Wrinkle Patches to prep skin for 20 mins before makeup. We have customers who use the Mouth Wrinkle Patches for 1-2 hours at home during day and are successfully softening lines. Basically, the more you wear our Patches, the more you’ll see wrinkle-free results!

About Our InfuseFAST™ Sheet Mask Range

Why are your InfuseFAST™ Sheet Masks considered premium and at a higher price point?

Our InfuseFAST™ Sheet Mask line is made up of clinical-grade sheet masks and are not comparable to those purchased in drugstores. They harness unique formulations of 22+ ingredients including anti-ageing actives, antioxidants, peptides& natural extracts and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. The use of the advanced biocellulose technology in the mask material not only fits like a second skin, aids in the fast infusion of ingredients, and is also eco-friendly and decomposes 100% within two months.

How many uses do you get out of each sheet mask?

Our InfuseFAST™ Sheet Masks are single-use products. However, as they feature a very generous amount of serum – 20ml and 25ml – it is recommended you massage any leftover serum into the face and body.

How often should I use your Infuse FAST™ Sheet Masks?

A weekly or bi-weekly sheet mask application is recommended to enable a clinical-grade, premium serum formulation to infuse into the layers of your skin.

Why is biocellulose Sheet Mask material the most premium Sheet Mask material?

Biocellulose has many benefits above and beyond other sheet mask materials. It is toxin-free, while paper masks are often treated with chemicals. It features finer fibre structures proving it to absorb and deliver more serum into deeper layers of the skin. Unlike most mass-produced materials, biocellulose must be made in highly controlled laboratory environments using a fermentation process. It also eco-friendly and decomposes 100% within two months.

Ingredients & Skincare Concerns

Are your products safe to use when breastfeeding or pregnant?

Our Silicone Wrinkle Patches are made with 100% Medical Grade Silicone and manufactured in an FDA approved lab in the US so we have plenty of women who love using our range during pregnancy (especially as you are forced to side sleep!) and breastfeeding. Additionally, while our other products such as our InfuseFAST™ Sheet Mask range, are free from nasties such as parabens and fragrance, everyone’s skin type and sensitivities are different, especially during pregnancy. We always recommend you consult your Doctor or at a minimum try the products on the skin for an hour or so before using them in full.

I have very sensitive skin. Can I use your products?

Our Silicone Patches are 100% Medical Grade Silicone certified which is known as being a hypoallergenic material. However, we do not recommend our Silicone Patches if you have a known allergy to silicone. Our other products are more than suitable for sensitive skin such as our our InfuseFAST™ Sheet Mask range which is free of parabens, dyes and fragrance. However, we do not recommend using them if you have any known allergies to any of the ingredients in the products.

How is your Medical Grade Silicone different to the Silicone Sheeting used to heal caesarean and other scars?

Our Medical Grade Silicone Patches are the same science and ingredients that are used to manufacture silicone sheeting that’s used for caesarean scar and other scar treatment. We have simply created a different formulation that’s thicker in consistency to work best for wrinkles.

Are your products Vegan or Cruelty-Free?

Yes, all of our products are animal cruelty-free and therefore are Vegan-friendly also. The only product in our range that is not Vegan-friendly is our InfuseFAST™ Facial Sheet Mask which contains Marine Collagen.

Are your products classified as organic or natural or considered as ‘clean beauty’?

Our Silicone Patches are not organic or natural but they are non-transdermal meaning nothing is infused into the product and nothing imparts into the skin. For this reason, many organizations consider our products to be ‘clean beauty’ products.

Our InfuseFAST™ Sheet Mask range and Morning After Glow Serum contain natural and active ingredients, however, are not classified as organic. These products also contain no nasties so can also be classified as ‘clean beauty’ products.

Are any of your products biodegradable?

Yes, we are proud that our InfuseFAST™Sheet Mask range is eco-friendly and fully biodegrade in soil in 8 weeks.

Shelf Life & Expiry Dates

What is the shelf life for the Silicone Patches?

Our Silicone Patches do not have a shelf life. The materials in our 100% Medical Grade Silicone Patches and their manufacturing processes are not subject to expiry dates as ingredients are not infused into the Patches.

What is the shelf life for the Silicone Patch Cleanser?

The Silicone Patch Cleanser is a cleaning product for the Silicone Patches and is not a cosmetic. There is no shelf life for this product.

What is the shelf life for the Morning After Glow Serum?

Our Serum has a shelf life of 12 months after opening.

What is the shelf life for the InfuseFAST™Sheet Masks?

Our InfuseFAST™Sheet Masks have a shelf life of three years.

Distribution & Wholesale

Where is Wrinkles Schminkles currently sold?

Apart from our website, our products are available for purchase on Amazon USA and Canada. Our products are also distributed worldwide to medispas, salons and clinics which can all be found on our Stockist Locations here.

I own a medispa/clinic/spa/salon. How do these products work alongside injectable treatments we do in clinic?

A). Some women may like to use injectables on their face, but injectables or even other treatments do not successfully treat wrinkles on the Chest and Neck - these are very difficult areas to treat even with lasers and resurfacing treatments. We have clients, who in this instance, use the Chest, Neck and Hand Silicone Patches for these 'hard to treat' areas.

B). The Silicone Patches are a great anti-wrinkle solution for clients while they are trying to conceive, are pregnant and/or are breastfeeding when injectables are not recommended.

C). Many women, get small amounts of injectables for a more natural look, ensuring they still have movement in their facial expressions. The Forehead, Eye and Mouth Silicone Wrinkle Patches are effectively used in this instance to ‘treat’ the skin ensuring wrinkles cannot form while hydrating the skin and simulating collagen. Additionally, while injectables work very effectively to target crows feet and under-eye wrinkles, our Patches are excellent to target dark circles and puffy under-eyes.

How can I learn more about becoming a Wrinkles Schminkles stockist?

We love bringing on board new Wrinkles Schminkles stockists from all over the world! If you would like to stock Wrinkles Schminkles at your medispa, salon, clinic, or other retail business, read our Become a Stockist page.

Press & Media

Where can I keep up with Wrinkles Schminkles online?

You can follow us on Instagram @wrinklesschminkles and like us on Facebook. Don’t forget to tag us in your cute Schminkle selfies and stories!

Where can I submit a press enquiry?

Please direct all PR enquiries to

Shipping, Returns & Refunds

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We have warehouses located in Australia, the UK and the US so we’ve made international shipping easy. Please view our Shipping page for more information on our Shipping & Handling process.

If I’m not satisfied, can I get a refund and return my order?

Of course. Products can be returned within 14 days for a refund or exchange. Please view our Returns & Refunds page for more detailed information regarding our refund process.