Eye Wrinkle Patches - 3 Pairs
$43.99 CAD
Self-Dissolving Microneedle Patches
$79.99 CAD
Eye Wrinkle Patches - Single Pair
$24.99 CAD
InfuseFAST™ Facial Plumping Sheet Mask
$29.99 CAD
Face Polishing Peel Pads - 5 Pack
$24.95 CAD
Self-Dissolving Microneedle Patches - Single Pouch
$19.99 CAD
Plumping & Lifting Set
$134.95 CAD $113.99 CAD
InfuseFAST™ Eye Smoothing & Depuffing Mask
$12.99 CAD
Morning After Glow Serum
$39.99 CAD
Serious Skin Smoothing Set
$194.95 CAD $164.99 CAD
InfuseFAST™ Eye Smoothing & Depuffing Masks - 5 pack
$59.99 CAD
3-Step Eye Renewal Pack
$111.90 CAD $99.00 CAD
Discovery Set
$109.95 CAD $97.99 CAD
Luxury Edit: 6-Piece Flawless Face Set
$162.95 CAD $146.65 CAD
Facial Ice Roller
$25.00 CAD
KOSMEA Rose hip Oil
From $16.95 CAD
EMANI Sleep & Renew Serum
$47.95 CAD
Bright Eyed S.O.S Set
$178.95 CAD $160.99 CAD
Eye Smoothing Set
$100.95 CAD $89.99 CAD
EMANI Hydrawear + Niacinamide
$42.95 CAD
EMANI Double Lash Mascara + Lash Serum
$34.95 CAD
EMANI Perfect 10 Primer
$42.95 CAD
EMANI Miracle 7 in 1 Primer
$42.95 CAD
EMANI Halo Vegan Liquid Collagen Serum
$42.95 CAD
KOSMEA Revive Illuminating Essence
From $29.95 CAD
Rose Quartz Sculpting Roller
$60.00 CAD


Say goodbye to under eye wrinkles, crows feet and dark circles for good with our non-invasive eye wrinkle treatment products - no needles necessary.

Our Silicone Eye Wrinkle Patches can be worn at night while you sleep and our InfuseFAST™ Facial Sheet Mask and booster Serum can be worn during the day to boost your Silicone Patch results. Keep your under eye area glowing and wrinkle-free around the clock!