Face Yoga For Neck Lines & Wrinkles With Koko Face Yoga™

Face Yoga For Neck Lines & Wrinkles With Koko Face Yoga™

Snatched Neck. Snatched Jawline. These terms have been exploding on TikTok and Instagram, as people around the globe try everything from chewable balls to cosmetic surgery in an attempt to achieve the latest beauty pressure point, a “snatched” (sculpted) neck and jawline.

 In a world dominated by fast-paced lifestyles and a never-ending list of beauty products and promising miracles, we often overlook the results that lie within natural, scientifically-proven approaches. 

As the pioneer of scientifically proven, medical-grade silicone wrinkle patches, we have partnered with celebrity facial yogi, Koko Hayashi, of Koko Face Yoga™ to show you how you can complement our neck patches with facial and neck yoga exercises, to tighten your neck’s underlying muscles whilst also smoothing tech-neck lines and wrinkles.


Koko is a pioneer of face yoga, you may already know her from America’s Got Talent, Shark Tank and Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

Her trademark method uses proven techniques to wake up the sleeping muscles of the face to lift the skin whilst relaxing over-working muscles for wrinkle reduction.  She also teaches the importance of developing good Face Posture®, including her signature Mewing Tongue Posture ® – once you have mastered these correct facial postures, you can spend just 3 minutes a day on face yoga exercises for a more toned, fresher-looking face.


Mewing is a cute nickname for the correct Tongue Posture®, because it was Dr. Mike Mew, the British dentist who first started talking about the importance of Tongue Posture® on YouTube.

We have learnt from Koko that one of the most important things you can do for your face is to have correct tongue posture. It makes total sense. People work hard to train their abs, the core muscle of the body, but they don’t think to train their tongue, the core muscle of the face. 

For correct Mewing Tongue Posture®, your tongue should be up and flat on the palate.

Tongue posture is important for so many reasons, it makes nasal breathing easier, it reduces jaw pain and both body posture and sleep quality is improved.  But aside from the physiological benefits, it also has so many beauty benefits.

 The Beauty Benefits of Mewing, as Part of Your Face & Neck Yoga Routine

1.  Your face will be lifted

2.  Defined jawline

3.  No more double chin

4.  Fuller lips and defined eyes



As Koko shows in her video, alongside using our neck patches to assist with correct facial and tongue posture when mewing, you can also use our Medical Grade Silicone Wrinkle Patches to keep the correct neck posture whilst sleeping, to prevent lines and wrinkles forming or becoming exacerbated.

Face Yoga without Neck Wrinkle PatchFace Yoga with Neck Wrinkle Patch

When you think about it, if you have the wrong neck posture whilst sleeping, you can be forming lines and wrinkles for up to eight hours / a third of the day, in the same way you can be forming chest, eye and mouth / lip lines and wrinkles from side-sleeping.  Medical grade silicone works on wrinkles whilst you sleep, boosting hydration and collagen production whilst refining the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  

Watch the full one minute video with Koko on our TikTok. 


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